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Grab a cup of coffee, relax, pull up a comfy chair, and take a look around.  This site strives to give families and individuals ideas and inspiration to find a more comfortable life, regarding work life balance and so many related interests.  Much is dedicated to help foster creativity and other pursuits to achieve greater enjoyment from our lives.

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How It All Started

Hi, my name is Valerie. This site is a natural outflow of a journey I find myself on at this stage of life; I invite you to join me. I have found myself totally burnt out from a good paying corporate job, along with the heavy hours that goes along with it, coupled with feeling as if I didn't have a grasp on the work life balance issue. Yet, I saw no stopping or slowing down anywhere on the horizon. I was sensing that my schedule dictated my life, instead of me being in charge of my schedule. It felt as though time were moving faster, the demands and to-do lists kept growing at an alarming rate. It seemed life was happening to me, as if I had no choices, yet what I was craving was a sense of deep rest, comfort, peace and balance. A slowing down to smell the roses, and enjoy the gift of life that is so precious.  Can you relate?

Something’s got to give here; I knew I needed to make some changes. I realized I didn’t want to live like this, and I wanted off the rat race I found myself on.

This website is a resource tool dedicated to finding tips and ideas, which may lead to a more comfortable, balanced life . I meet people near daily, who seem to feel this way and this resonates with similar desires to slow down and enjoy life more, with those they love.


When I say comfortable life, I don’t necessarily mean wealthy (although that would be nice too), as I don’t think believe they necessarily mean one and the same. Financial strain is a huge source of stress; therefore there are many ideas for possibly raising your income level and/or reducing debt. Our finances have a strong connection to how much time a person has available, and the resources to be able to do the things you want.

Hope you enjoy!





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